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Lopez McHugh Attorneys Successfully Resolve Auto Defect Case

A major foreign auto manufacturer settled a case with the estate of a Lopez McHugh client after a defect led to the loss of control of the vehicle and the death of the driver.

The terms of the settlement, including the plaintiff in the case as well as the auto manufacturer, must remain confidential. However, the case pertained to the loss of control over the vehicle due to a suspected steering and braking issue.

lopez mchugh founder jim mchugh, jrUnfortunately, the vehicle was destroyed by the driver’s insurance company before its black box could be recovered. Modern cars are equipped with data recorders, much like an airliner, that detail the state of the various systems on the vehicle. In the event of a tragedy, these recorders can be recovered in order to shed light on the moments leading up to the event.

The manufacturer maintained that, given the loss of the vehicle and the data pertaining to it, this should be a “no pay” case. Then they learned that the plaintiff was being represented by James McHugh, Jr. and Michael Katz.

Attorneys McHugh and Katz are well-known for their extensive backgrounds in product liability litigation, including motor vehicle cases. Both are known to be absolutely relentless in their pursuit of the facts of a case and their successes have helped countless clients begin to rebuild when a manufacturer’s defect has brought unforeseen harm and chaos into their lives.

lopez mchugh attorney michael katzWith the two attorneys’ reputations preceding them, the auto manufacturer defendant asked that the case be mediated. McHugh and Katz were well prepared, with Mr. Katz actually disassembling the brakes on his own car three days prior to the mediation in order to gain first-hand experience of how the braking system works.

While a substantial sum was recovered, it won’t bring back the driver and it won’t take away from the loss suffered by a family for want of their loved one.

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