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Lopez McHugh, LLP’s COVID-19 Response

Due to health concerns and government directives, our attorneys and administrative staff have been and will be working remotely. While our firm remains open for business, in light of the ongoing events concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, our physical offices in California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are closed to visitors without an appointment.

Please be assured that we also continue to monitor the courts to ensure we are fully following their pandemic guidelines and are being timely advised of all changing procedures as in-person operations resume in some areas.

Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or the live chat services provided on our website. We maintain our commitment to ensuring your health and safety and remain dedicated to providing you the unparalleled legal representation that you deserve.


Experience matters. In addition to having a competent and ethical legal team to handle your case, you want a legal team in your corner with the litigation and trial experience needed to obtain the justice you deserve. In today’s world, you can count on the other side — be it a giant pharmaceutical company, a trucking company, a hospital, or an individual — to have top notch defense firms with experienced and highly-skilled trial lawyers representing their interests. To meet this challenge, you need lawyers on your side with a relentless drive for justice that is not deterred by the size, clout, or appeal of a defendant or its legal team. Standing up to wrongdoers and being champions for justice is exactly what the attorneys and staff at Lopez McHugh have been doing for decades.


When you are an individual taking on a corporate conglomerate or big business, you are in for an uphill fight because they have more resources and all of the information. The defense will have resilient and convincing lawyers working feverishly to poke holes in your case, no matter how crystal clear the fault may be in your eyes. This is why you must have strength and legal intelligence by your side at all stages of your case.

Whether representing multiple victims or just one, our focus is both compensation and changing business practices that harm patients and consumers in the first place. For decades, the attorneys at Lopez McHugh have been proud of their fearless role as David versus Goliath for their clients.


Some cases resolve quickly. Others take years. At Lopez McHugh, we have a track record of committing to our cases for as long as it takes, and with the resources necessary — be it time, money, or personnel — to see them to completion. It is our firm’s culture to have a good-spirited staff that is committed to our cause. Passion, devotion, diligence, and loyalty are just a few of the adjectives that describe the attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members of Lopez McHugh.

When we take a case, we devote ourselves to it. If we take your case, we commit to zealously representing your interests just as we have for thousands of other clients. For us, this is more than just work. We are personally invested in our clients’ cases.

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