Key Victories

Lopez McHugh has been successful in a variety of cases for over 30 years. Below is a just a sample of past successes. While past results are no guarantee of future outcomes, we are certainly proud of our record and look forward to continuing to win justice for our current and future clients.

$3.2 million Emotional distress claim versus Citicorp/Citibank
$700 million* One of 4 lead plaintiff lawyers in the litigation versus Zyprexa
$200 million* Settlement amount obtained during the Dexatrim litigation
$1.25 million Medical malpractice
$907 million Verdict obtained against Ira Einhorn for the murder of Holly Maddux
$2.4 million Failure to diagnose breast cancer
$2 million Failure to diagnose colon cancer
$2 million Sponge left in patient during surgery
$15 million Construction accident
$7.5 million Failure to diagnose meningitis in an infant
$2 million Brain bleed in an elderly patient
$1.2 million Failure to perform an emergency caesarean section resulting in the death of the infant 6 days later
$13 million Missed diagnosis and delayed surgery due to medical malpractice
$4 million Failure to warn a doctor and a patient with multiple disorders of the additional risks posed by adding another medication
$25 million* Settlement amount won for a drug company’s failure to warn patients of a specific increased risk
$7 million* Settlement amount won in a case pertaining to a faulty medical device
$2 million Medical malpractice case won
$7 million Injury to an infant during birth
$3 million Medical misdiagnosis

* indicates a settlement amount won in a case involving multiple plaintiffs where the amount won was divided among them.