Our Story

For legal partners starting a new firm, the first priority is usually to find clients. When Ramon Rossi Lopez and James J. McHugh Jr. started Lopez McHugh in 2007, however, they had quite a different problem.

Lopez McHugh Partners Ramon Lopez and James McHughBoth partners, with their excellent reputations and more than 40 years of combined experience practicing law, had plenty of clients from the beginning. Their challenge was dealing with that workload, given their limited staff and office space in those first months.

Lopez McHugh staff members on the East Coast, working out of a cramped space in a repurposed Philadelphia row home, used to jokingly rephrase a famous line from the 1975 movie, Jaws: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

That is ironic in light of the fact that staff members on the West Coast were so desperate for storage and work space, they operated out of living rooms and even, well, Ramon’s boat.

Attorneys and staff on both coasts put in some long hours, but they did not mind. Most of them had previously worked with Ramon or James in California and Pennsylvania, respectively. They trusted the two partners and knew clients could trust them as well.

Despite living on different coasts, Ramon and James had both worked together previously as they both handled cases on a national scale. Each respected the other’s abilities and integrity, and they decided to join forces so they could represent people across the country. With combined resources, they are better able to seek redress on behalf of injured clients who would otherwise be unable to fight large corporations and mega hospitals.

The Philadelphia office of Lopez McHugh LLP at the Philadelphia Navy YardThese days, we have plenty of office space at Lopez McHugh and nobody is obligated to work out of a living room or a boat. Our dedication to our clients is as strong as it has ever been and, proudly, we have a national reputation among attorneys and past clients to prove it.

We have helped thousands of people. If you were injured, contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you.