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Surgeon Who Removed Wrong Organ Is Disciplined Years Later

illinois surgeon removes wrong organAn Illinois doctor is being disciplined by The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation nearly a decade after removing the wrong organ during surgery. reports that the independent surgeon of the Associated Surgical Group will pay a $2,500 fine for his mistake.

In December 2005, a woman underwent surgery to have a portion of her spleen extracted, but instead, the doctor removed the woman’s left kidney. In his postoperative report, the doctor called the organ a “kidney-shaped spleen,” but a pathologist discovered it was actually the woman’s kidney that was removed. In February 2013, the woman and the doctor reached a settlement of $2 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in Illinois keeps a record of malpractice lawsuits in a database, but simply filing a lawsuit in court does not register the complaint with the department. The Civil courts do not notify the Department to register a doctor as a defendant in a malpractice suit, which is potentially why the department did not discipline the doctor until recently.

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