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Hybrid luxury Fisker Karma catches fire

The automotive site Jalopnik reports that a Fisker Karma hybrid-electric luxury sedan set itself on fire recently while its owner was purchasing groceries in Woodside, Calif.

In May, according to Jalopnik, a brand-new Fisker Karma sedan was blamed for a house fire in Houston.

Nobody was hurt in the California incident, which occurred when the owner of the vehicle went into a store to get some groceries and came out to discover smoke pouring from the car. He called the manufacturer, and was told to call 911.

By the time fire crews arrived, the front of the vehicle was mostly destroyed. The exact cause of the fire is unknown, but photos show extensive damage to the front left quadrant of the car.

According to Jalopnik, the manufacturer recalled 239 of that model in December for an improperly-positioned hose clamp that could allow coolant to leak into the battery compartment, causing an electrical short and potentially a fire. More vehicles were added to that recall in June. It’s unclear if the vehicle mentioned in the story was under that recall, Jalopnik reports.

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