Product News and Recalls

Crib Recall

10211aYesterday, April 29, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of two crib models: Simplicity Cribs and Graco®-Branded Drop Side Cribs due to serious risks of suffocation and strangulation.

Simplicity Crib Recall

The CPSC has announced a major crib recall of all Simplicity full size cribs with tubular metal mattress support frames.  This crib recall covers both fixed side and drop side cribs.  These Simplicity Cribs have been pulled off the shelves because they present a serious risk of injury and even death caused by collapsing of the mattress support, leading to entrapment, strangulation, suffocation and the risk of falling.

This crib recall involves ALL Simplicity cribs with tubular metal mattress-support frames regardless of model number.

Graco Drop Side Crib Recall

LaJobi, the New Jersey manufacturer of Graco Drop Side Cribs, is issuing a major recall of their products due to serious risks of entrapment and suffocation.  This voluntary crib recall, issued in cooperation with the US CPSC, involved approximately 217,000 Graco cribs sold in the United States.

Graco Crib Defect: The drop side hardware on these cribs can break or fail, allowing the drop side to separate from the crib. When the drop side separates it creates a dangerous gap between the drop side and the mattress through which an infant can become trapped or fall.

Incidents/Injuries: Nearly 100 reports of drop side incidents, including hardware breakage and drop side detachment, have been reported.  Fortunately, no child has been killed by these defective cribs, but at least six children have fallen through the cribs, with one suffering a concussion.

What to Do

Parents and caregivers are asked to stop using these defective cribs immediately and to find another safe sleeping environment for their child.  No attempts should be made to fix this product.  If you know of anyone using these cribs that is unaware of this recall, let them know so they can stop using this dangerous product.  Consumers are advised to contact the store where the crib was purchased—such as Walmart, Target, and Babies R Us—to receive a refund, store credit, or crib replacement.

If your child has suffered injury due to this crib defect, you may also wish to contact an attorney who can evaluate your case.