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Woman’s Leg Amputated After Pedicure Infection

woman has leg amputated after pedicure infectionWhen Clara Shellman went to get a pedicure at Tammy’s Nails 2 in Tampa, Florida in 2018, she had no idea she was setting off a chain of events that would eventually culminate in the loss of her leg from the knee down.

Shellman alleged that a cut from a dirty piece of equipment started an infection in her body. That infection was exacerbated by her pre-existing peripheral arterial disease; a condition that reduces the flow of blood to the patient’s limbs. The infection became increasingly serious until she eventually had no choice but to endure an amputation of her lower leg starting from her knee. Her lawyer claims that the amputation triggered years of hardship that eventually led to the loss of Shellman’s home and forced her to start living with others to survive.

The plaintiff sued the salon in 2020 and the two arrived at a $1.75 million settlement late last year. The salon is no longer in operation.

Shellman’s lawyers say that the money will be used to pay for her expenses and that she was “stunned, shocked, crying, and giddy all at the same time” after learning of the settlement. Her lawyers also celebrated the move, saying that “while no amount could fully compensate her for this life-altering injury, this deserved settlement will help her cover the high cost of her medical bills and ongoing care.”