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Federal Lawsuit Alleges COVID Retaliation in Amazon Worker’s Firing

lawsuit alleges retaliation against amazon employee enforcing pandemic rulesA federal lawsuit filed against Amazon alleges that a company “learning ambassador” was fired in retaliation for his attempts to enforce company Covid-19 safety protocols when he reported a shift manager for a variety of violations.

After observing shift manager Kristopher Lauderdale ignoring social distancing protocols and standing within just a few feet of another manager while speaking, learning ambassador David Bailey asked Lauderdale to distance from that manager. Rather than comply, the lawsuit alleges that Lauderdale rolled his eyes and moved closer to the manager to continue their conversation.

According to the lawsuit, this is far from the first time Lauderdale has been caught violating Covid-19 safety protocols and had his behaviors called out. The federal complaint states that Lauderdale has frequently been observed either failing to wear a face mask correctly or even wearing one at all while at work. Bailey, along with several other employees, have brought Lauderdale’s behavior to his attention and asked him to follow protocols to help keep those around him safe, but Lauderdale has failed to comply.

Bailey was subsequently fired from Amazon after filing his report of Lauderdale and his lack of concern for the safety of those around him. The lawsuit states that others have also been fired or disciplined by the company for similar reports, specifically at the company’s Bellmawr location. Bailey’s lawsuit states that Amazon has failed to investigate safety reports filed by employees and learning ambassadors and, as a result, has violated state, federal, and/or criminal laws. He is seeking damages for a variety of grievances including emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, lost pay increases, lost bonuses, and lost insurance and benefits, and others.