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Number of New Diabetes Diagnoses Strongly Increase After Medicaid Expansion

medicaid expansion shows more suffer from diabetes than thoughtAfter a number of states expanded their Medicaid eligibility to include low-income adults, the number of new diabetes diagnoses also increased. A study in Diabetes Care talks about how expansion of Medicaid eligibility has had a big effect on the availability of healthcare to patients in vulnerable populations. Modern Healthcare recently detailed the study and some other possible results of the care expansion.

According to the study, patients’ access to medical care allowed for earlier diagnoses of diabetes. Like many medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatment can be key to preventing serious complications from diabetes. Those who are unable to obtain health coverage were unable to address concerns over diabetes and were at a much greater risk for serious complications as diabetes progresses.

The study, which was primarily led by Quest Diagnostics, found that new diagnoses of diabetes increased by 23% in the 26 states that expanded Medicaid coverage. This significant increase is further highlighted by the fact that new diagnoses increased by only 0.4% in the 24 states that did not allow the expansion.

Diabetes has been targeted as a highly treatable medical condition for those with access to proper medical care. Providing coverage to low-income patients and other groups with limited access to healthcare can have very profound effects on quality of life for patients with diabetes.

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