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Women Want State’s Help in Pelvic Mesh Fight

A coalition of women who had received pelvic mesh implants that led to complications have asked the Texas Attorney General to pursue legal action against Johnson & Johnson, a large implant manufacturer. The women allege that Johnson & Johnson violated state law by practicing deceptive business practices including by not sufficiently warning women about the risks associated with transvaginal mesh implant or removal surgery.

Pelvic mesh implants are typically used to treat a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse. This occurs when a woman’s reproductive organs or bladder fall into her vagina due to the inability of weak pelvic muscles to hold them up. Transvaginal mesh implants, made of plastic, are often used to help add support the pelvic wall to treat the condition.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration proposed a reclassification of pelvic mesh implants from a Class II device to a more serious Class III device, noting the potential for very severe complications. There are thousands of women across the country who are engaged in pelvic mesh implant lawsuits because of the risks and problems, consisting of both serious discomfort and diminished quality of life, that have resulted from these surgeries.

The collation of women who have had pelvic mesh implant surgery problems believe that a state investigation may encourage large manufacturers to settle in their cases. The coalition thinks the attorney general would conduct a “comprehensive and thorough investigation” that would prove the company used deceptive business practices to promote and sell mesh implants with “knowledge of the inherent danger” without properly warning patients. A spokesman for the attorney general said that the state of Texas has been involved in resolving the issue since 2012 according to the Texas Tribune reports.

Some cases around the country are already being resolved, including 20,000 women who settled for $830 million with Endo International, and 400 women who received $16 million from Coloplast.

If you are a loved one have a vaginal mesh implant and are suffering as a result, you may want to consult an experienced vaginal mesh lawyer, like the team at Lopez McHugh, LLP, to discuss your legal rights.