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New Testosterone Therapy Warnings Issued

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a statement regarding testosterone therapy warnings after a series of studies were published about the risks linked with these drugs. The FDA announced that it is investigating whether testosterone replacement therapy puts users at an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and death. At this time the FDA has not announced any conclusions, but has advised people using the products to consult with their physicians. The FDA is also advising health care professionals to consider whether the benefits of FDA-approved testosterone treatment are likely to exceed the potential risks of treatment.

The New York Times also reported on a new study that showed that older and middle-aged men using testosterone replacement products have an increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and death. The study prompted experts to call on drug manufacturers to provide better warnings about these risks. Currently, the drugs do not carry any warning about these potential side effects, and the FDA is looking into whether they are necessary.  Sales of the testosterone replacement drugs have soared in recent years. The drugs come in different forms, including gels, patches, pellets, and injections. The drugs are approved to treat low testosterone levels and are widely marketed for symptoms of “low T,” including fatigue, low libido and loss of energy.

Lopez Mchugh, LLP is investigating cases of stroke, heart attack, and death in patients on testosterone therapy. If you or a loved one suffered  a stroke, heart attack, or has passed away while on testosterone therapy, you may be eligible for compensation.  You should consult with a doctor before changing your medication or if you have any health concerns. If you or a loved one suffered one of these injuries, contact us for a free case evaluation.