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Australian Thalidomide Lawsuit Settles

A Thalidomide lawsuit involving over one hundred people form Australia and New Zealand and settled according to news sources. Thalidomide was a prescription drug marketed and sold in the 1950s but was pulled from the market when it was linked to causing thousands of babies to be born with deformities. The British company Diageo, who now owns the firm that originally distributed Thalidomide, agreed to the settlement that is valued at approximately $81 million that will compensate the injured claimants insuring that their future Thalidomide related expenses are covered. This settlement applies only to the lawsuit filed in Australia.

The Thalidomide lawsuit alleged that the drug was given to pregnant women to treat morning sickness and associated symptoms caused babies to be born with birth defects. These defects included numerous types of limb deformities. It is estimated that approximately 10,000 people worldwide suffered birth defects as a result of the drug. In 2012, the manufacturer of the drug, the Grünenthal Group, issued an apology 50 years after the effects of Thalidomide became known.

Although Thalidomide was never approved for sale in the United States, it is estimated that over 19,000 expecting mothers received the drug through various means. Currently, there are ongoing Thalidomide lawsuits in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. These cases are in the discovery stage and it is possible that new information could come to light regarding thalidomide and birth defects.

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