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Nationwide Recall of Aspirin Bottles Containing Tylenol

Nationwide emergency recall of baby aspirinA nationwide emergency recall of baby aspirin bottles was initiated on June 17th, 2013 after a CVS pharmacist discovered one bottle had been filled with acetaminophen — otherwise known by the brand name Tylenol.

More than 16,000 bottles have voluntarily been recalled by Advance Pharmaceutical, Inc., the company responsible for the filling and labeling of the bottles. These bottles are labeled “Enteric Coated Aspirin Tablets, 81-mg.” The recall was prompted by a bottle that was actually filled with 500-mg acetaminophen. According to reports, some individuals who take acetaminophen can go into liver failure after taking more than the recommended dosage. Some may not even know they are overdosing, because acetaminophen is a common ingredient in many other prescriptions they might be taking at the same time, such as sleeping pills.

Adults also commonly take baby aspirin after stent surgery, because baby aspirin prevents blood clots. Acetaminophen, or Tylenol, is not the same as aspirin, and may instead induce blood clots or blocking of the stent.

To date, no injuries have been reported from the baby aspirin recall. Make sure that if you have purchased baby aspirin, or any medication for that matter, the bottle contains the correct medication. And if you have received the wrong pills in your bottle, be wary of adverse effects and consult with a doctor as soon as you observe any problems or changes in your medical condition. If you or a loved one has suffered injury during or after taking baby aspirin, contact Lopez McHugh for a free consultation.