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Report spotlights Bayer birth control controversy

The National, an English-language newspaper published in the United Arab Emirates, published an account on March 12 of the controversy surrounding birth control pills that contain the synthetic hormone drospirenone.

Such pills include Yasmin, Yaz, Ocella and Beyaz, manufactured by Bayer.

The report mentions the U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel that met in December to vote on whether the benefits of the medications outweigh the risks, and eventually voted 15-11 to keep the medications on the market.

But subsequent investigations by the Washington Monthly and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) revealed that four of the panel members had links to Bayer.

The report quotes Dr. Anna Sepiolo, an obstetrician-gynecologist based at the Dubai London Clinic, as saying she is “very concerned” about the issue.

“If people are taking this pill and are worried about it, they should discuss it with their gynecologist to find which method of contraception is best for them,” she said.

Legal documents filed in the ongoing lawsuit over Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella and Beyaz indicate that birth control pills containing drospirenone are up to twice as dangerous as birth control pills that have been the market for decades.

Risks include potentially fatal blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, strokes or gallbladder removals.

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