Employment Lawyers: Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

an employment lawyer can help if you're the victim of workplace discrimination or sexual harassmentU.S. federal and state governments have enacted a series of employment laws and regulations to help protect employees from wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other workplace issues. Despite these laws, however, unfair treatment in the workplace is still prevalent, causing thousands of Americans to experience emotional and financial losses every year. A qualified employment lawyer can help if you’ve been the victim of these kinds of behaviors.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or other harm in the workplace, it is important to know that you have the right to take legal action against your employer. You may be eligible to recover lost wages in addition to other “damages.” Please contact a Lopez McHugh employment lawyer today for a FREE consultation.

Your Work Rights

While employment laws vary from state-to-state, every U.S employee is entitled to equal rights, fairness, and safety in the workplace. Employment laws govern the following:

  • Safety and health – Every employer is required to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace environment. Workers’ compensation should also be available to employees injured on the job.
  • Equal rights in recruitment, treatment, and compensation – Employment laws protect employees against all types of workplace discrimination and ensure equal rights in terms of hiring, promotion, compensation, and treatment.
  • Overtime hours and holiday pay – Those who work more than the mandated hours per day and/or week or who work on federal holidays must be paid overtime wages, as deemed by employment laws.
  • Minimum wages – Federal and state laws have set a minimum wage standard and all employees must be paid equal to or greater than that amount. In some jurisdictions, “living wages” must be paid.
  • Wrongful termination – Employers are not allowed to fire employees based on a number of factors as mandated by state and federal laws. These factors may include race, sex, age, religion, or other bases of discrimination.

Your Legal Rights and How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

Other employment laws and regulations may apply depending on your state of residence. If you believe your employment rights have been violated in some way, let us help you. An experienced employment lawyer can evaluate your case at no-cost, discuss your legal rights and options, and help you seek compensation for your losses and suffering, which may include: monetary damages, job reinstatement, lost wages, compensation for emotional distress, punitive damages, and more. For an accurate case review, contact Lopez McHugh LLP today.