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Staying Safe During the Winter Holidays

holiday safety and travel tipsThanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas and other December holiday decorations have already begun adorning people’s lawns and homes. There’s no doubt that we have officially entered this year’s winter holiday season.

And yet, despite warnings being issued year after year over the increased risks that come with holiday travel, kitchen safety, and other threats to the general health and well-being of the public, we have also likely entered a period of increased hospitalizations and deaths attributed to actions and activities that were largely preventable.

The National Safety Council has issued its fatality estimates for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel on the nation’s roadways this year and they are tragic. Based on the agency’s formulas, an estimated 450 to almost 600 people will likely die traveling to and from Thanksgiving Day celebrations meant to be spent with friends and loved ones. Christmas Day travel is predicted to add another 300 to 400 deaths to the tally.

And, in the agency’s own words, “these estimates represent deaths and injuries that don’t have to occur. Each one is preventable.”

From road safety tips involving slowing down, driving defensively, and avoiding driving while impaired, to tips in the home meant to avoid burns, fires, and cuts, there is no shortage of information available to those who would like a few quick reminders meant simply to bring safety front of mind during this time of celebration.

As you and yours prepare for this year’s holidays, we at Lopez McHugh urge you to take a moment and consider a few ways to ensure that the season remains one of celebration. Between the NSC’s statistics on road safety, the CDC’s tips for ensuring that you don’t become one of those statistics, and UCI Health’s outstanding post on accident prevention in and around the home, a few minutes of reading and prevention may just spare you a lifetime of pain and trauma.