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Keeping Kids Safe from Falls

While much has been written about the dangers faced by older adults from falling, children are also susceptible to fall-related injuries that can affect them for the rest of their lives. In fact, according to a post on the website for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, falling is the leading cause of unintentional injuries for young people under the age of 14. For children aged four and under, over 80% of the injuries they sustain from falling happen at home.

Autumn and winter are prime seasons for unintentional falls. Slippery conditions made worse by wet leaves, snow, and ice can create hazards that are difficult to see and nearly impossible to avoid, and the results can be catastrophic. Half of all traumatic brain injuries sustained by those aged 0-14 years are caused by falling.

As with most situations, keeping children safe from falls starts in the home. The hospital has listed a number of tips for keeping children safe from falls in a variety of situations from home life to play time. According to the site, the first step is understanding that the age of a child plays an important role in the risks they face. Statistically speaking, an infant is more likely to fall from furniture, while toddlers are most likely to be injured while falling from a window. As age increases and activity follows, older children become more likely to sustain a fall-related injury from playground equipment. Children of all ages also face an increased risk of injury from having something fall onto them.

More information on child fall-related injuries can be found on the hospital’s website. Additionally, they have made a brochure available for download.