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Dunkin’ Employees Allegedly Mocked Woman Scalded by Burning Hot Coffee

Massachusetts Dunkin' sued after employees mocked woman burned by hot coffeeAccording to a lawsuit filed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, employees of the Dunkin’ located at 43 Torrey Street in Brockton laughed at and mocked a woman as she was forced to tear off her leggings in the parking lot after being burned by the contents of three cups of coffee.

The plaintiff was in the passenger seat of her sister’s vehicle when the pair went to the drive-through of the Dunkin’ location in question. Having ordered three coffees, they were handed a drink tray. According to the lawsuit, neither the coffees themselves nor their lids were properly secured on that tray and the result was the dumping of the contents of all three cups onto the plaintiff’s lap, “scalding her legs and buttocks.”

If the allegations brought forth in the lawsuit are proven true, what happened next was as reprehensible as it was reckless. “Screaming in pain, the plaintiff was forced to rip off her leggings in the parking lot, exposing herself in full view of the Dunkin’ Donuts employees. Seeing this, the employees were pointing, laughing, and mocking the plaintiff. Thus, not only was she burned and in pain as a result of the employees’ negligence, she suffered the indignity and extreme embarrassment of being laughed [at] and mocked, while in a vulnerable and exposed condition.” The lawsuit goes on to describe the employees’ behavior as “extreme and outrageous, beyond all possible bounds of decency and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

The plaintiff “suffered serious burns to her legs and buttocks” and is now scarred to the point of requiring plastic surgery. She is seeking compensation for her losses as well as “further relief as is just and proper.”