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Lopez McHugh Attorneys Successfully Resolve Cruise Ship Accident Case

Lopez McHugh recently settled a legal matter with a foreign cruise ship company without the need for litigation. The case involved a cruise ship that stalled in the midst of a terrible storm. One of the Lopez McHugh clients was injured when the storm blew a door off its hinges and struck the client, then trapped him underwater for an extended period of time. The client thought he was going to drown. Luckily he was able to get free, but he sustained physical injuries as well as emotional, including PTSD. His wife also sustained physical and emotional injuries in the storm. The terms of the settlement, including the identity of the cruise ship company, must remain confidential.

The clients were represented by James McHugh, Jr. and Michael Katz. After developing theories of liability and obtaining expert witnesses, the attorneys engaged in a series of negotiations with the cruise ship company that resulted in an excellent settlement without the need to resort to litigation. According to the cruise ship company’s representative, the Lopez McHugh clients received a substantial settlement amount compared to other persons injured on the same cruise.

Attorneys McHugh and Katz have a long history of handling a wide variety of litigation. Although their specialties include medical malpractice and products liability, they have represented clients in matters involving employment law, defamation, securities litigation, breach of contract, and more. Both are known to be absolutely relentless in their pursuit of the facts of a case and their successes have helped countless clients over the years.