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Wright Hit with Double Hip Implant Failure Lawsuit

wright hip implants subject of new lawsuitAnother Wright hip implant lawsuit has joined the growing Georgia multidistrict litigation, this time alleging that Wright Medical Group and associated companies were responsible for not one but two instances of hip implant failure. The new lawsuit, filed last month by a Los Angeles man, claims that Wright’s Conserve hip implant was defectively designed, and that the company failed to warn doctors and patients of the risks their implant poses.

Wright is just one of several hip implant manufacturers whose products have recently come under legal scrutiny. Other companies, such as DePuy, Smith & Nephew, and Zimmer, have also been called out for complications allegedly associated with their metal-on-metal hip implants. Metal-on-metal hip implants, whether they involve replacement or resurfacing technology, may create toxic metal debris as parts of the device abrade against one another. These particles can enter the bloodstream and spread to nearby tissue, inflaming areas around the implant and causing severe pain. In some cases, devices like the Wright Conserve implant may need to be removed or replaced. This can entail an expensive procedure followed by months of painful recovery.

The Los Angeles plaintiff claims he received his first Wright Conserve hip implant in January 2011 and another for the other hip in May of that year. Just three years later, the plaintiff was forced to undergo revision surgery to remove his first (left) implant—seven years shy of the device’s estimated ten-year lifespan. After another eight months, he also had his second (right) implant removed. The plaintiff claims the revision surgery caused him severe physical, emotional, and economic distress, and seeks damages for negligence, defective design, and failure to warn, among other counts.

Wright hip implant lawsuits were consolidated in 2012 before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The Wright hip implant MDL now includes nearly 450 Wright hip implant lawsuits, with more cases being added every week. Other Wright hip implant lawsuits have been centralized before the Los Angeles County Superior Court. In June of this year, the first of these lawsuits received a jury verdict of $4.5 million—more than nine times what Wright had offered to settle out of court.

Were you or a loved one injured by a failed hip implant manufactured by Wright, DePuy, or Zimmer? If so, you may qualify for legal compensation through a hip implant lawsuit. Contact Lopez McHugh today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced hip implant attorney. We can help assess your legal options.