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MA Court Upholds $63 Million Motrin Verdict

childrens motrin SJS verdict upheldThe Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a $63 million lawsuit brought against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson by the family of a girl who developed the life-threatening skin condition known as SJS/TEN after taking Children’s Motrin.

In 2003, the seven-year-old Massachusetts girl developed a rare but potentially fatal skin disorder called toxic epidermal necrolysis after taking Children’s Motrin. As a result of the condition, the girl lost 90 percent of her skin as well as her vision, and has had to undergo nearly 40 surgeries.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit—the girl’s mother and father, individually and as guardians—claimed that their daughter developed toxic epidermal necrolysis after being exposed to Children’s Motrin. They accused Johnson & Johnson and its McNeil Consumer Healthcare division of not adequately warning consumers of the potential health risks posed by the over-the-counter medication. The Massachusetts Supreme Court affirmed the $50 million damages award, as well as $6.5 million to each parent for loss of consortium.

In addition to Children’s Motrin, McNeil has had trouble with its Tylenol products. Last month, the company agreed to pay $25 million in settlements after pleading guilty to selling infants’ and children’s liquid Tylenol containing metal particles. McNeil admitted that it failed to take proper action after finding that metal particles, including iron, nickel, and chromium, were introduced to Tylenol and Motrin products during manufacture at a plant in Fort Washington, PA.

Additionally, McNeil is still busy resolving Tylenol liver failure lawsuits. Since 2013, plaintiffs in Tylenol liver failure lawsuits have alleged that McNeil was aware for many years that certain types of Tylenol posed a risk of liver damage or failure due to the ingredient acetaminophen. They claim the company over-promoted the safety and effectiveness of its products while failing to adequately warn users of the risks of liver failure. The federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is handling numerous Tylenol liver failure lawsuits that have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation.

Always speak with your doctor before switching medications. The pharmaceutical attorneys at Lopez McHugh are currently consulting with consumers who have been injured by Children’s Motrin. If you or someone close to you suffered from SJS/TEN, contact our lawyers now for a free consultation. You may qualify for compensation through a Motrin SJS lawsuit.