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Pennsylvania Podiatrist Performs Perfect Pinched Nerve Procedure – On Himself

When conversations start about the physicians with the most bravado, podiatrists rarely make that list. Let’s face it; the image we have in our heads when it comes to those who would dedicate their careers to working with people’s feet is, well, it’s less Rambo and more “guy who Rambo beat up in high school.”

However, what if we were to tell you that there was a podiatrist out there who completely breaks this mold: A podiatrist so confident in his own abilities that he is the only one who is allowed to operate on him. A podiatrist so unafraid of surgery that he would perform an operation on his very own foot.

Such a man exists and he lives in Shavertown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Thomas Jiunta had a pinched nerve in his foot. He’d had surgery for a similar issue before but wasn’t too happy with how that operation went. So, rather than begin searching for a replacement surgeon, he decided to contact the only doctor he knew of that could conduct the surgery to his exacting standards: himself.

A few weeks of yoga later, for flexibility of course, and some other preparations, and Dr. Jiunta was cutting into his own foot while a colleague and an assistant stood by. 45 minutes later it was all over.

As a Plaintiff’s law firm serving those who have been harmed by defective drugs, faulty products, and medical malpractice it is easy to get wrapped up in the negatives of the world around us. So much can go so wrong and have such a drastic impact on the people invovled.

But, on occasion, you encounter a story that breathes new life into the way you see those who are doing the best they can at their chosen professions. Whether it’s Dr. Jiunta doing surgery on his own foot or Dr. Landrum working out of his car to bring medical care to a small town in Mississippi where the median income per resident is $12,000, these professionals, whether they know it or not, elevate their entire field.

Obviously, we know that every doctor is not trying to get away with medical malpractice. As human beings, we are just as dependent on quality medical care as you are, and as the doctors are themselves. And, we know that every new product brought to market is not done so with the intent of causing harm to those unfortunate enough to purchase it.

To those that are responsible for such actions, we say that we will continue our watch. But every so often, let’s also take a moment and try to remember some of the good that happens around us every day.

Dr. Jiunta, we wish you, and your foot, a speedy recovery.