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Boston Scientific Wins its First Trial Over Vaginal Mesh Injuries

The first of a series of trials regarding Boston Scientific’s vaginal mesh devices has ended in the company’s favor. Bloomberg reports that a Massachusetts jury found that the plaintiff had not proven that Boston Scientific’s vaginal mesh device, named Pinnacle mesh, was defectively designed. The jury also found that the plaintiff failed to demonstrate that the warnings about the inherent risks of the device were inadequate.

Over 12,000 lawsuits have been filed against Boston Scientific on grounds that its Pinnacle mesh product erodes the internal organs of the women receiving the device, causing lasting damage and severe pain. Boston Scientific is only one of the companies to face such lawsuits; others include Johnson & Johnson and C.R. Bard Inc.

While Boston Scientific was successful in this first trial, similar implants from other companies have been found liable.

This trial represents only the first in what will likely be a long series of trials to determine the liability of Boston Scientific in the injury of patients who received a Pinnacle mesh. The next Pinnacle mesh trial is scheduled for September 2014.

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