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J&J Withdraws Motion Accusing Plaintiffs’ Mesh Lawyers of Unethical Actions

Last month, vaginal mesh manufacturer, J&J, filed a motion accusing plaintiffs’ mesh lawyers of illegally soliciting clients. This week Reuters reports that the motion has been withdrawn by the company.

J&J is one of seven manufacturers of vaginal mesh facing more than 70,000 mesh lawsuits over their products. Many of the mesh lawsuits are filed in Federal District Court in West Virginia. In January, J&J filed a motion implying that some mesh lawyers or their associates were making phone calls encouraging would-be clients to file mesh lawsuits and promising a recovery, something no attorney can or should do.

J&J alone faces more than 35,000 lawsuits for its Ethicon vaginal mesh. The company, in its motion, claimed that the solicitation by mesh lawyers resulted in a “flood of lawsuits.”

Vaginal mesh is used to treat urinary incontinence and organ prolapse in women. Thousands of mesh lawsuits include claims that the devices are defective and lead to horrific and, in many cases, untreatable side effects. The injuries claimed in the mesh lawsuits include organ erosion, bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. These complications lead to severe pain, sexual dysfunction, and other gynecological problems.

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