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Possible Neglect Not Reported in Hospital

An investigation by the Michigan Department of Community Health’s Office of Recipient Rights alleges that a former director of a Michigan hospital did not properly report that death of a patient in March, 2014 that may have involved negligence.

In May, a nurse, a nursing director, and the director of the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital were all suspended, based on multiple complaints about patient treatment. One of the complaints involved the death of a 68 year old Kalamazoo women on March 6. Video surveillance of the hospital shows that the woman removed her oxygen tube to go to the bathroom. Upon return, neither she nor one of the staff members reconnected the oxygen. She passed about an hour later.

The nurse and the nursing director who were suspended were eventually fired, and the hospital’s director resigned. According the state’s report, some of the nurses were not properly informed about the patient’s health issues that may have led to her death. The director denies failure to report neglect, but the investigators allege that the director knew of the nurse’s failure to follow hospital procedures that may have contributed to the woman’s death. It is required that the director must report that knowledge to the Office of Recipient Rights. The family of the deceased is deciding what action to take next.

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