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Lipitor Lawsuits Continue to Accumulate Against Pfizer

The number of Lipitor lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company Pfizer continues to grow. A story in Reuters explains the rising number of diabetes lawsuits that allege the anti-cholesterol drug has caused serious health complications in women. The number of lawsuits filed over the past five months in federal court has gone from 56 to almost 1,000.

In 2012 the FDA issued a warning that statins such as Lipitor have been linked to an increase in blood sugar. To date, Lipitor does not indicate that it may cause diabetes, nor that the risk may be greater in women.

Following the FDA warning, lawsuits against Pfizer for failing to communicate and investigate this risk began to accumulate, and a federal panel of judges decided to consolidate the lawsuits into District Court in Charleston, SC.

Despite the growing number of Lipitor diabetes lawsuits, Pfizer is denying liability for the health risks caused by their drug, which has amassed over $130 billion in sales since 1996. The first trial is scheduled for July 2015 and will surely be used as a benchmark for the strength of other cases.

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