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Columbia Study Investigates Increasing Concerns Over the Use of Power Morcellators

The FDA released a statement discouraging the use of power morcellators in gynecological procedures because of significant cancer risks. A story by CBS Pittsburgh reports of a new study by Columbia University that further confirmed that power morcellators can spread undiagnosed stage 1 cancer.

The Columbia University study concluded that an estimated 1 in 368 women have uterine cancer at the time they undergo a gynecologic procedure. As a result, doctors may be unknowingly spreading cancer with power morcellators. Some doctors no longer perform the procedure because of the uncertainty regarding the presence of cancer. While the risk seems statistically small, it may affect thousands of women given the large number of hysterectomies performed each year.

The concern arises because power morcellators, which are designed to break up benign fibroids or growths in the uterus, can spread cancer if the tissue removed contains a cancerous growth. Often, it is unknown that the patient has a cancerous growth prior to performing the gynecologic procedure. As a result, the morcellator will break up undiscovered cancer cells in the growth and spread them to other areas of the patient. This accelerates the spread of cancer, complicates treatment, and can increase the risk that the cancer becomes fatal.

The CBS story tells of a woman who had a hysterectomy performed with the device which spread cancer throughout her abdomen. She is now testifying before the FDA in hopes of banning the use of power morcellators for hysterectomies and the removal of fibroids.

Failure to acknowledge the risk involved with these devices has caused severe medical complications for women with undiagnosed cancers. Lopez McHugh’s attorneys are well versed in handling cases for those who have been injured by medical devices or negligence. If you or a loved one may have a power morecellator cancer lawsuit, contact a Lopez McHugh attorney today at (877) 737-8525.