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Pfizer’s Illegal Drug Marketing Charges Settle for $35 million

Pfizer subsidiary Wyeth settles marketing claims for 35 billion dollarsWyeth Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Pfizer, was charged with illegally marketing a drug that was not cleared for use by the FDA. A story in Reuters reports that Wyeth illegally marketed its organ transplant drug Rapamune for conditions it was not approved to treat.

The charges indicated that Wyeth trained and encouraged sales representatives to promote Rapamune for uses other than preventing rejection of kidney transplants. By encouraging doctors to prescribe Rapamune for purposes other than those approved by the FDA, they are violating federal law

This is not Pfizer’s first time facing serious litigation regarding false marketing and severe risks associated with its products. Pfizer had previously paid almost $491 million to the Department of Justice in July 2013 for similar charges.

In addition, Pfizer has been facing ongoing lawsuits over several of its prescription medications, including Lipitor, Effexor, and Zoloft. Lopez McHugh is litigating cases in which their anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor has allegedly caused diabetes in women.

Lopez McHugh attorneys are also currently involved in litigation regarding Pfizer’s SSRI antidepressant drugs, Zoloft and Effexor. These drugs are under investigation for causing birth defects in children whose mother’s use the medications during pregnancy. Our attorneys have extensive experience and a long history of success in litigation regarding pharmaceutical risk and false marketing. If you have been injured as a result of taking one of these Pfizer medications or another prescription drug, we may be able to help you obtain financial compensation. These litigations are ongoing with time limits for filing, so contact us today at (877) 737-8525 or fill out a form on our website for a free initial consultation.