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Study Finds a Third of Knee Replacements Questionable

one third of knee replacements not appropriate based on new studyKnee replacement surgery is a decision that warrants serious consideration. While necessary in some cases, the procedure is risky and can cause severe complications. CNN reports of a Virginia Commonwealth University study that suggests that one third of knee replacement procedures were not appropriate according to current medical criteria.

Researchers analyzed imaging and patient records in 175 knee replacement surgeries out of more than 650,000 performed last year. After considering the patient’s level of arthritis, age, and level of pain, the researchers found only 44% of the surgeries to be appropriate based on their rating system. 34% were considered inappropriate, and 22% were inconclusive.

An increasing number of patients are receiving knee replacements at a younger age in order to preserve and enhance their physical ability. While this can bolster activity and preserve knee function, replacements are prone to complications and approximately 10% will wear out within 15 years, resulting in a secondary replacement in patients who received them at a young age.

With respect to medical negligence, patients should expect and receive information about all of the risks, benefits, complications, and long-term effects of any medical procedure. The fact that many knee replacement surgeries may be unnecessary raises the question whether patients were informed whether they met the standard inclusion criteria. Lopez McHugh attorneys have a proven history of success in medical malpractice and medical device malfunction litigation. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a medical device or poor medical practice, contact us at (877) 737-8525.