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Chiropractic Neck Manipulation May Be Associated with Stroke

Researchers say that blood vessel tears that lead to strokes may be associated with treatments involving neck manipulations. Four large studies that were mainly focused on strokes involving the arteries of the neck were examined to assess the possible links between neck manipulations and increased stroke risk. Reuters reported on the findings.

The blood vessel tears in the neck are referred to as cervical artery dissections. Studies have linked these tears to two of every 100 strokes overall. The tears are blamed for eight to 25 percent of strokes in young and middle-aged adults. One neurologist said that dissections can occur after “a sudden movement that can hyperextend or rotate the neck that may happen with certain sporting activities, with whiplash or violent coughing or vomiting movements, or with neck manipulation therapy.” The researchers said that the findings indicate that people who had strokes because of cervical dissections were more likely to have had some kind of treatment involving neck manipulation.

Researchers could not determine the specific causes of the strokes in these studies leaving open the possibility that people who receive neck manipulation therapy may have been trying to symptoms from the early stages of a stroke.

Chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and any health practitioners are urged to inform patients of the possible connections between cervical artery dissection and neck manipulation therapy before performing any treatment to avoid injury to the arteries in the neck.

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