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Honda and Others Recall 3 Million Cars over Airbag Defect

Honda recalls vehicles for shrapnel producing explosive airbagsHonda Motor Co. and other Japanese automakers recently recalled nearly 3 million cars with potentially explosive airbags that were manufactured by the Takata Corporation. The total number of cars recalled for the hazardous airbags is about 10.5 million vehicles over the past five years. The total makes this one of the top five biggest recalls in the car industry history.

The recalls cover passenger-side and driver-side airbags that were manufactured between 2000 and 2002. The airbags have the potential to explode when deployed, driving shrapnel at drivers and passengers. Honda and six other automakers said they are recalling more vehicles in some high humidity areas in the U.S.

Honda recalled 2.03 million cars all over the world because of potentially flawed Takata airbag inflators. Nissan recalled 755,000 vehicles, while Mazda recalled 159,807 vehicles. Toyota announced a recall of 766,300 for the same reason less than two weeks before the other companies, expanding on an earlier recall in April, 2013.

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