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GM in More Trouble over Power Steering Recall

General Motors to face further troubles with newly revealed power steering recall in the Saturn IonGeneral Motors (GM) has admitted to yet another mistake in its handling of potentially dangerous motor vehicle defects. This is just the latest installment in a series of alleged negligence in its handling of the defective ignition switches.

Power Steering Problems in the Saturn Ion

This time, the recall at hand involves 335,000 of GM’s Saturn Ions manufactured between 2004 and 2007. This model of car comes with the risk of the sudden failure of the power steering system. If drivers unexpectedly lose power steering, they may have significant trouble controlling the car and moving it off the road to safety.

One driver filed a complaint that his steering wheel locked and caused him to drive into a tree. Another driver was forced into oncoming traffic when his power steering suddenly failed. Overall, GM received 30,000 warranty claims for the power steering issue, as well as thousands more consumer complaints. However, the company did not deem the defect to be a safety problem since the vehicle can still technically be steered in “manual mode”.

Consumers are also angry that the Chevrolet Cobalt — another GM vehicle with the same power steering system — was recalled for power steering failures in 2010. GM issued no recall for the Saturn Ions, however. A GM spokesperson stated the company admits it “did not do enough” regarding the power steering issue, but that they plan to “make it right.” GM is not the only entity under fire for this issue, as experts are saying the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) could have also ordered a recall of the Ions, but failed to do so despite numerous consumer complaints.

Motorists who suffer serious injuries in accidents due to automotive defects may often recover for their losses by filing a products liability lawsuit against the car manufacturer. GM already faces numerous lawsuits regarding the ignition switch defect and will likely now face more regarding power steering failures.

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