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Huge Award in Lehigh County Birth Injury Lawsuit

A recent jury verdict in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania has resulted in one of the biggest jury awards for a medical malpractice case in the State over the past twenty years. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $55 million dollars following a 2 week trial. The case stems from a birth injury lawsuit that was filed on behalf of a child who suffered brain damage and other injuries as a result of the alleged failure of the doctors to perform a timely C-section during childbirth.

It was alleged at trial that the doctors who delivered the child failed to recognize the need to deliver via C-section and as a result the baby became stuck during delivery and the resultant delay caused the baby to be deprived of oxygen causing the injuries. The jury agreed with the Plaintiff’s claim that the delivering doctor ignored signs that the baby was being deprived of oxygen and that based on the small size of the mother and large baby that a C-section should have been performed to deliver the child. Instead the doctor proceeded with a vaginal delivery and when the baby became stuck, the birth was delayed, and the child suffered injuries.

Birth injuries can occur without negligence, but sometimes a medical professional deviates from standard procedure or fails to recognize potential danger to the child or mother during the birthing process. Medical professionals are required to follow strict regulations in monitoring vital signs and taking all necessary precautions to help prevent injuries during birth. They should be knowledgeable and trained to watch for and identify problems during labor and delivery, which may indicate that the baby is in trouble and needs help. Without quick action, a baby can lose valuable oxygen and suffer brain damage that can causes cerebral palsy and other devastating life-long conditions. A birth injury lawsuit can provide compensation to help care for an injured loved one.

If your child was born with a birth injury that you believe was the result of medical malpractice you may be eligible for compensation through a birth injury lawsuit. The attorneys at Lopez McHugh, LLP have many years of experience and proven success in litigating medical malpractice and birth injury lawsuits. Contact our office for a free consultation.