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Detergent pods dangerous to children

Detergent companies are coming under scrutiny for manufacturing small pods that pose a striking resemblance to candy, according to the NY Daily News.

Created to make chores easier, these pods are designed for one-time use to reduce spills and the need for bulky bottles. However, medical experts are warning the public that the small brightly colorful packets are attractive to children and contain harmful chemicals if ingested.

These newer detergent pods are more dangerous because than regular detergent because they contain higher concentrations of detergent and plastic packaging. So far, 40 cases of children ingesting detergent pods resulting in hospitalization have been reported in New York, with several requiring surgery. This summer, over 1,000 cases of ingestion were reported to poison control centers nationwide in just two months. According to the article, even New York’s senior senator  was tempted to eat one, mistaking it for candy.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised that detergent companies should redesign their products. Proctor and Gamble, the manufacturer of Tide Pods, released a statement that it will apply a double latch lid for the Tide Pod packets as a safety precaution. To date, none of the other pod makers have volunteered to follow P&G’s lead.

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