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Federal Judge Approves Settlement in Fracking Lawsuit

The Scranton Times reports that Pennsylvania Plaintiffs have won preliminary approval for a $7.5 million settlement in a class action lawsuit against Chesapeake Appalachia.

Chesapeake Appalachia, a private producer of natural gas based out of Charleston, West Virginia, has oil and gas properties that stretch along the Eastern coastline. The complaint states that the company overcharged landowners for fees related to natural gas extraction from Marcellus Shale on landowners’ properties.

U.S. District Court Judge Mannion held in a preliminary ruling that the proposed settlement fairly accounts for the wellbeing of the landowners, and that it sufficiently compensates for the excessive fees.

Marcellus shale extraction is also known as fracking. It involves pumping millions of gallons of water underground to break up underlying rock formations and release trapped pockets of natural gas. It has proven controversial because the water is treated with toxic chemicals such as the carcinogen benzene, and regional residents are afraid of the environmental impact.

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