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Public Still Waiting for FDA Report on Benicar

In June, 2010, the FDA announced that it would continue to review potential risks and safety concerns of the antihypertensive medication Benicar after studies revealed serious cardiovascular risks. Now, three years later, an article on questions when the findings will be available to patients and doctors.

Two clinical trials highlighted a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular-related death in patients taking Benicar with Type 2 diabetes. Manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo, Benicar is prescribed to diminish hypertension and functions as an angiotensin II receptor blocker.

Although the FDA previously stated that the benefits outweigh the risks associated with the medicine, further hazards continue to accumulate. As noted by prior news reports, Benicar has been associated with various intestinal side effects along with the cardiovascular threat. Enteropathy, chronic diarrhea, and considerable weight loss have affected numerous patients.

Regarding the cardiovascular studies, the FDA stated that it would report any new information that is produced. While doctors and patients await this important safety information, no results have been released thus far.

You should consult with a medical professional before making any changes or decisions regarding your medical treatment. If you or a loved one has suffered a significant injury as a result of taking Benicar, you should contact a Lopez McHugh attorney for a free consultation.