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Fracking Linked to Earthquakes

A new study published by Engineering and Technology Magazine has found a strong correlation between fracking and the recent drastic increase in seismic activity in the State of Ohio. The study found that the rise in the number of recorded earthquakes in Ohio coincided with the rise of fracking activity.

Records dating back to 1776 had never recorded an earthquake in Youngstown, Ohio, but since January of 2011, 109 earthquakes have been measured in the area. The strongest earthquake measuring 3.9 magnitude on the Richter scale. These earthquakes began following the installation and operation of a fracking well in nearby Pennsylvania in December of 2010, with the first quake being records just 13 days after well became operational.

The study found that these earthquakes coincide directly with fracking activity at the nearby well. When the well was not in operation, on holidays or for other reasons, the study found a decrease in seismic activity. These earthquakes ceased shortly after the well was taken offline in December of 2011.

The study found that the earthquakes were centered on subsurface fault lines and it is believed that the pressure from the fracking operation caused the faults to slip. It was also observed that the earthquakes moved away from the well as the fracking operation expanded.

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