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Building collapse kills at least 6, injures 13 in Philadelphia

A building slated for demolition collapsed in Center City Philadelphia on Wednesday. As of June 6, six people were reported dead and 13 were reported injured, according to CNN.

Though the technical investigation into the cause is ongoing, those with intimate knowledge of the structure and its condition are less than surprised, the Washington Post reported.

Witness reports are damning. One witness related: “For weeks they’ve been standing on the edge, knocking bricks off. You could just see it was ready to go at any time. I knew it was going to happen.”

Another worker who spent several days tending to a building across the street tells an equally shocking tale foreshadowing the building’s demise. “We’ve been calling it for the past week – it’s going to fall. It’s going to fall.”

A demolition permit was issued to Campbell Construction for the four-story structure on February 1st of this year. Four months later, the building has demolished itself, taking a Salvation Army store, six lives, and the well-being of many with it.

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