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Woman describes health problems from Mirena IUD

In a piece for Australian paper The Border Mail, writer Bianca Wordley describes the problems she experienced as a result of using Bayer’s Mirena intrauterine device.

While Wordley acknowledges that not every woman who gets Mirena implanted has problems with it, in her case it was “a dreadful mistake.”

In the United States, a number of women have filed lawsuits claiming the company overstated the device’s benefits in its advertising while trying to conceal some potentially dangerous side effects.

Those side effects include the possibility that the device will embed itself in the uterine wall and move from its implantation site, causing organ perforation or scarring. In some cases, according to the lawsuits, surgery is necessary to remove it.

Wordley writes that she had her Mirena device removed after six months, when she suffered side effects including weight gain, pimple outbreaks, mood swings, heart palpitations, anxiety and bloating.

And although her doctor warned her of “heavy periods” after the device’s removal, she writes that the amount of bleeding she experienced was worse than she ever would have expected. She writes of experiencing golf-bal-sized blood clots, and bleeding so “horrendous” and “violent” that she was afraid to leave the house.

According to Wordley, the most frustrating aspect of the whole ordeal was the difficulty getting information about the effects she was experiencing.

“I just wish that for everyone thinking about it, there was more information,” she writes.

Patients should consult their doctors before making any changes in their medication. A consultation with a Mirena lawyer is also important if surgery was required from Mirena.

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