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Woman injured at birth gets $6.8 million settlement

The U.K. newspaper Hastings Observer reports on a settlement of 4.2 million pounds, the equivalent of $6.8 million, for a woman left severely disabled after doctors botched her birth.

The settlement will take the form of annual payments and a lump sum for a specially-adapted home.

The story says that Susanne Turner, 45, suffered severe learning disabilities and needed a lifetime of care after doctors delayed a Caesarian section during her mother’s labor in 1967.

The staff at a now-closed hospital mistakenly postponed Turner’s delivery, meaning she was starved of oxygen and not breathing when she was born. Although she was resuscitated several minutes later, the oxygen deprivation caused catastrophic brain damage.

The story describes it as “one of the furthest dating-back cases of its kind. ” Turner’s parents were unaware she may be entitled to compensation until they read of a similar case.

Her parents are quoted as saying: “What we feel is a sense of relief, knowing that Susanne’s settlement will fund her care for the rest of her life and that she can now lead a fulfilled and happy life to the best of her potential. She has been denied many opportunities because of her learning difficulties but we now feel we have done the best we can to ensure her future.”

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