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$100 million settlement for brain-injured girl

The New York Post reports that the family of a girl who suffered a brain injury at birth received a $100 million settlement against St. Vincent’s Medical Center on Staten Island.

A lawyer representing the family says Stephanie Debes, now 17, and her twin sister were born three months early.

The twin, Amanda, was born without injury. But Stephanie now needs a wheelchair to get around.

A jury determined that hospital staffers were negligent in failing to recognize her mother’s contractions before she went into labor and failed to prevent pre-term delivery.

The report quotes the family attorney as saying: “Stephanie’s imprisoned in her own body. She can’t even roll over in bed. It’s definitely the largest verdict in the history of Staten Island.”

The jury found the hospital liable for $17 million for past pain and suffering, $60 million for future pain and suffering, and the remainder for future medical expenses and lost wages.

Stephanie’s father is quoted as saying that hospital staffers failed to listen to him the night his wife gave birth. They just gave his wife Benadryl and sent him home.

“I felt vindicated when the verdict was announced,” he said.

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