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Brain-injured man gets multi-million settlement

A report in the British newspaper Gloucestershire Echo concerns a man awarded more than 3.5 million pounds, the equivalent of $5.7 million, for brain injuries he sustained during birth.

Jacob Dewis had filed the lawsuit against Nuneaton Maternity Hospital, where he was born 20 years ago. He alleged that doctors delayed an emergency delivery, which resulted in acute oxygen starvation during his delivery.

Dewis ended up with severe cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. He can barely walk, the story says.

His lawyers say he would have been spared that physical impairment had he been delivered just 10 minutes earlier.

According to the story, the judge approved a “lump sum” payout of $5.7 million. In addition, Dewis will receive annual, tax-free payments to cover the costs of his care for the rest of his life.

Those payments will begin at the equivalent of $267,000 per year until he reaches the age of 50, at which point they’ll increase to $389,000.

The judge is quoted as saying: “I hope that Jacob’s life hereafter will be easier.”

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