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Brain injury causes cerebral palsy

An article in the Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation addresses a reader’s question about the causes and nature of cerebral palsy.

According to the article, the term “cerebral palsy” is a term used to describe a group of disorders that involve brain and nervous system functions, such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. Those disorders usually show up before the child afflicted with them had reached the age of three.

The condition occurs when certain areas of the brain do not develop correctly or get injured, either before or after birth.

Those brain injuries can be due to:

  • Hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen reaching the infant’s brain.
  • Infections such as meningitis or severe jaundice.
  • Head injury affect the child.
  • Infections such as rubella that affect the mother.

The cerebral palsy itself can manifest itself in a wide variety of symptoms, running the gamut from mild to debilitating. And those symptoms can be physical, mental, or some combination of the two.

Physical symptoms include:

  • Abnormal gait
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis
  • Abnormal twisting or jerking of the limbs

Mental symptoms include:

  • Mental impairment or learning disabilities
  • Speech, hearing and vision problems
  • Pain and seizures

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