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Family of boy with cerebral palsy awarded $21 million

A story in the Baltimore Sun concerns a family awarded $21 million over claims that negligent care by Baltimore’s Harbor Hospital caused their child to be born with cerebral palsy.

Jaylan Norfleet, who was 9 years old as of July, has a fully functioning mind but severe disabilities including very limited use of his legs and hands. An attorney representing the family described him as “literally trapped inside his body.”

The family claimed Jaylan lost oxygen while he was still in his mother’s womb. The lawsuit alleged that medical providers at the hospital should have performed a Caesarean section instead of allowing a prolonged vaginal birth.

A jury awarded the family $18 million for Jaylan’s medical care, $2 million for lost potential wages, and $1 million for noneconomic pain and suffering.

Lawyers representing the family described it as a just outcome that will make his medical care affordable.

One of them is quoted as saying: “We are just thrilled that this verdict is going to be able to take care of Jaylan for the rest of his life.”

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