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‘Nap Nanny’ recalled after infant deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is forcing the manufacturer to take a portable baby recliner called the Nap Nanny off the market and offer full refunds to its customers, following complaints of five infant deaths.

There have also been 70 complaints of children falling out of the device, ABC News reports.

The CPSC claims manufacturer Baby Matters, LLC, refused to pull the Nap Nanny or offer refunds for five months, obliging the commission to file a complaint.

Philadelphia sportscaster and mother Leslie Gudel invented the Nap Nanny after realizing that her daughter would only fall asleep in the car seat, the report says.

Gudel has posted a statement on the company’s Website, claiming the deaths and the falls occurred only when parents misused the product, such as failing to strap the babies in or placing the Nap Nanny on a table or crib.

But ABC News quotes Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman Alex Flip as saying: “We believe it is a hazardous product and we are concerned about the safety of the children that are in there.”

According to the report, the first infant death was reported in 2010. That April, a six-month old died when she was not secured in the Nap Nanny’s harness, and the medical examiner ruled the cause of death as positional asphyxia. In July, 2010, a four-month old died after suffocating between a Nap Nanny and the bumper in her crib.

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