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Glass found in cholesterol medication

The India-based manufacturer of a generic version of cholesterol medication Lipitor has issued a recall after tiny pieces of glass were found in some of its tablets.

The medication in question is called Atorvastatin, made by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc., according to an ABC News report.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the company will halt production of Atorvastatin “until it has thoroughly investigated the cause of the glass particulates and remedied the problem.”

The report says that the glass particles discovered so far are about the size of grains of sand, and should not pose a health threat for anybody who consumes them other than possible irritation of the digestive system.

Still, the glass’ presence has some worrisome implications.

The report quotes Dr. Edward Boyer of the University of Massachusetts Medical School as saying: “I think the quick message is that the company has real difficulties with quality control.”

The FDA released a statement that says: “Consumers who are concerned that they may have received a recalled product should consult with their pharmacist where they bought the product to confirm whether they received a recalled product, should stop taking the product if it was recalled, and should consult with their pharmacist or physician about how to obtain an alternative product.”

The report says Lipitor and its generic versions has become the fifth most popular medicine in the United States.

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