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Company linked with meningitis pharmacy lays off workers

Ameridose LLC, which is affiliated with the specialty pharmacy behind a deadly meningitis outbreak, is laying off about 90 percent of its workforce, according to a Reuters story.

The company suspended operations on October 10 so that state and federal investigators could inspect its facilities, and is scheduled to remain shut down until November 19.

Ameridose has the same owners as the New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts, which has been identified as the source of the tainted steroid medication that has sickened more than 438 people and killed 32 in 19 states.

Meningitis is a potentially deadly inflammation of the tissues surrounding the spinal cord and the brain. The current outbreak is caused by a fungal variety that isn’t contagious, but has proven particularly destructive because the tainted medication is injected directly into the spine.

The layoffs will become effective as of November 30, and will affect about 650 Ameridose employees as well as 140 employees at a subsidiary company with the same owners. About 200 of those layoffs will be permanent, Reuters reports.

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