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Second illness hits meningitis sufferers

A second illness is afflicting people who already contracted meningitis from tainted steroid medication, the New York Times reports.

A significant number of the patients being treated for meningitis – a potentially deadly inflammation of the tissue surrounding the spinal cord and brain — have also developed a condition called epidural abscess, the story says.

Although abscesses are localized infections that are different from meningitis, untreated abscesses can cause meningitis in some cases. They’ve sent patients back to the hospital for more treatment, often with surgery.

The meningitis outbreak has been traced to an injectable medication produced by a Massachusetts-based specialty pharmacy called the New England Compounding Center. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the outbreak has resulted in 404 cases in 19 states, including 29 deaths.

The steroid medication, which is commonly used to treat back pain, was contaminated with a fungus.

NECC was shut down following the start of the outbreak, and subsequent inspections have revealed extensive contamination. Another Massachusetts company with some of the same owners, called Ameridose, has also been shut down. Products from both companies have been recalled.

The New York Times says medical experts find the abscesses puzzling and troubling, because they are affecting patients already taking powerful antifungal medicines.

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