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Mother attributes daughter’s death to Yaz

News Channel 5 out of Cleveland reported on the death of 25-year-old Shantinique Burns, which her mother attributes to her use of the birth control pill Yaz.

Doctors say Shantinique suffered an aneurysm while driving. The report quotes her mother as saying the young woman had no health problems, and that Yaz was the only medication she was using.

“This is a side effect,” her mother said. “It is her cause of death.”

An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel often caused by blood clots. And numerous studies have found that a line of Bayer contraceptives containing the artificial hormone drospirenone – including Yasmin, Yaz, Beyaz and Ocella – causes up to three times the rate of potentially fatal blood clots compared to other birth control pills on the market.

According to the report, Shantinique’s mother became aware of the risk after a medical worker asked her whether her daughter was on Yaz. She then began researching the medication and its accompanying health issues.

The News Channel 5 account mentions Bayer’s annual report released in February, which states that about 11,300 lawsuits based on injuries allegedly caused by Yaz are pending in the United States. The report says most of the lawsuits claim Bayer should have known about alleged risks and should be held liable for failing to disclose them

Patients should consult their doctors before making any changes in their medication. A consultation with a Beyaz lawyer is also important if there are significant injuries.

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